Homebuyer Fair – October 24th

Here at the HomeOwnership Center, we know a lot about buying, maintaining, and keeping a home. We also know that many of our clients come to us because they don’t have the knowledge and experience they need to buy their first home with complete confidence. Buying a home is a massive investment; you will typically spend 30 years paying it off. Not making the right decisions could end up costing you tens of thousands of dollars in extra costs, interest, and unexpected repairs that you should have know about before you bought the house.

That’s why we are here. We want to guide, educate, and coach you through the entire homebuying process.

Homebuyer Fair!

The HomeOwnership Center is hosting a homebuyer fair on October 24th. During the event, you will have access to experts in lending, down payment assistance, and home buying. It’s a perfect opportunity to get some of your questions answered and decide what your next steps should be.

When is the Homebuyer Fair?

October 24th

11 AM to 3 PM

Where is the Homebuyer Fair?

205 East First Street, Dayton

That’s only one block from the Dragons stadium and RiverScape Metro Park.

Who will be at the Homebuyer Fair?

  • Lenders
  • Homeownership advisors
  • Down payment assistance experts
  • Food trucks!

How can I learn more?

Just click the HERE!