Based upon your answers to the screening questions, you are not eligible for assistance from the Save the Dream Ohio program.

However, We Might Still Be Able to Help You in Getting Your Mortgage Back on Track

We are experts in foreclosure prevention and want to ensure you are empowered to make good decisions when you are in crisis. Our experts will review your unique situation and help you understand your options. 

These might include:

  • Refinancing your mortgage
  • Modification of your existing mortgage
  • A repayment plan
  • Short sale
  • Deed-in-lieu

If you are in foreclosure, delinquent in your payments, or fear you may miss a mortgage payment, call the HomeOwnership Center to schedule a one-on-one confidential appointment.

Now is the time to take take steps to save your home.


Or, you can
begin online by making an appointment using the following form.