The Next Steps:

  1. Our Lending department will now conduct a review of the information that you submitted. If it is determined that the borrower and property meet the program’s requirement, a full application will be sent directly to the borrower. You will be notified of the determination.
  2. The borrower must submit the completed application along with all required documents. (tax returns, W2s, pay stubs, photo ID, bank statements, and miscellaneous documents as needed such as divorce decrees and child support documents.)
  3. A review is performed to assure the borrowers income is within the prescribed limits.
  4. Lender provides Pre Approval Letter, copy of Mortgage Loan Application, and the Initial Lending Estimate.
  5. Purchase contract is submitted
  6. Funds Reserved Letter is issued.
  7. The property appraisal is ordered.
  8. Once we have a copy of the appraisal, The Home Ownership Center orders a healthy and safety inspection for the property.
  9. The Clear Inspection is received.
  10. Clear to Close
  11. The HomeOwnership Center must receive the preliminary closing disclosure and contact information for the title company 72 Hours before closing.
  12. Complete closing documents to the title company.
  13. Schedule the client to come in and sign forms 24 hours prior to closing.