Learn to be a savvy homebuyer – online

Want to learn how to buy a house from the comfort of your living room? Our online first-time homebuyer class is just what you are looking for. All of the information you need to buy your home with confidence combined with the convenience of learning online. Have a tablet? Even better. Use your device to access the course anytime and anywhere you want. All you need is an internet connection.

The eHome America self paced class will step you through the entire homebuying process. You will learn what questions to ask and what pitfalls to avoid. Our Homeownership Advisors are available after you complete the training to discuss your next steps. You receive videos, key terminology, and sample documents so that you understand the homebuying process and can make informed decisions.

This is the online first-time homebuyer class that you have been looking for.

Learn to be a smart homebuyer, anytime, anywhere.  Coupon Code HOCDAYTON49.


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Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Making sense of the technical jargon
  • How to know when you’re ready to buy
  • The credit score you need to get a good mortgage what to expect from a real estate professional
  • Choosing the right home and negotiating the contract
  • Why home inspections are so important
  • Navigating the mortgage application and approval process
  • Paving the way for a smooth closing
  • Understanding your rights and scams to avoid
  • Long-term success as a homeowner

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$49 (Coupon Code HOCDAYTON49)

Enroll in the Complete Home Buyer Program. With access to coaching, classes, resources, and support by our HomeOwnership Center advisers, this is the plan for you! Simply schedule your coaching appointment using the form located below.

(Completing this program does not mean that you are automatically approved for down payment assistance. If you are only interested in the First-Time Homebuyer Program because it is a requirement for obtaining down payment assistance, do not sign up for the program until you have been approved for down payment assistance. You will still need to meet the requirements for the individual down payment assistance programs.)

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